Why Boomers are Reform's Best Hope

Power in Numbers

Adoptees represent a significant proportion of the world’s population, even though we are technically a minority. And the truth is that adoption rates–despite increasing media attention–have fallen sharply from the highs of the 1930s-1970s.Baby Boomers as Adoptees

This means that in terms of sheer power of numbers, adoption reform advocates will never again experience the advantage that they now possess. The greatest percentage of adoptees are the Boomers. They are a group which enjoy some of the greatest financial and personal stability of any other demographic, with many entering retirement and seeking ways to contribute a meaningful legacy in their third stage of life.

We Shouldn't Wait to Push Reform

Because of our peculiar moment in history, NOW is the time for adoptees worldwide to be moving the cause forward:

  • By joining up with existing activism and support groups
  • By signing petitions, calling politicians and showing up at legislative forums
  • By talking about their experiences publicly and without rancor
  • By giving social shares and likes to websites, books, movies and other media on the subject of adoptee rights

I’ve already linked to some of my favorite organizations on my Resources¬†page. But I’d appreciate it if you want to contribute additional links in the comments below this post.

The Risk of Delay

Most of us who have know the pain of being denied our civil rights (through our governments’ knowing falsification of our birth certificates and the sealing of our legal documents) would agree that it is worthwhile if we can spare even¬†one more adoptee from ever facing down the tunnel of their own hopeless search. But the longer we wait, the smaller our ranks will become.

So change the world. Do one thing today–online, on the phone, in person–and add your voice to the loud proclamation that we are not content to be denied our civil rights and suffer in silence.

In the famous words of Lao-Tzu

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

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