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August 15, 1995

Michael Edward Chalek
6503 North Military Trail
Boca Raton, FL 33496


Dear Mr. Chalek

I am writing in response to your request for non-identifying information on your birth family from the closed adoption record. Florida Law does provide for the release of this information to adult adoptees upon written request and with proper proof of identification. Thank you for sending a copy of your Driver License as proof of your identity.

I have reviewed the closed record and I have extracted all of the information that I am allowed to release to you under current Florida Adoption Law. If after you review the information that is presented in this letter, you feel that you are still in need of additional information from the closed record, you will have to secure a court order from a Florida Circuit Court that will permit me to share the identifying information in the record with you.

The record confirms that you were born in Jacksonville, Florida on January 25, 1952. When you were born your birth mother was 22 years old. She was married, but had been separated from her husband for four years. Your birth mother and her husband were not legally divorced at the time of your birth. Therefore, your birth mother's husband, your legal, but not your natural father did have to give his Consent for your adoption.

Your birth mother signed her Consent for your adoption on January 27, 1952, using an assumed name. This matter was clarified for the courts during the adoption process and the Consent was allowed to stand. Your legal father signed his Consent for the adoption on February 10, 1953. Both documents were properly witnessed and notarized.

According to the information in the record, your adoption was arranged by an Adoption Broker by the name of Mrs. Fielding, who operated in Jacksonville at the time of your birth. This woman was particularly uncooperative with the State Welfare case worker and it took several weeks for the case worker to locate your birth mother after the Chalek family filed their petition to adopt you. The record indicates that it was this woman who advised your birth mother to enter the hospital under an assumed name and to also sign her Consent using an assumed name. The Broker told your birth mother that this was being done to assure her confidentiality.

After making inquiries for your birth mother for several weeks, the record indicates that your birth mother finally contacted the local welfare office, identified herself and made arrangements for the case worker to visit her at her home, where she was renting a room.

Your birth mother was interviewed by the department case worker on September 9, 1952. Your birth mother did ask the case worker if there was a chance that you could be returned to her. In the record the worker stated that "It was difficult for the birth mother to discuss this situation at all as she manifested a great deal of feeling about having placed the baby and frankly stated that she could not discuss it all without crying.

Your birth mother was able to provide some basic background information about herself. Her parents had been married and there were six children born to their marriage. Your birth mother stated that she had been born in a Southeastern state early in the winter of 1929. Your birth mother's mother died when she was 12 years old. Your birth mother did not state her cause of death.

Your birth mother's father as well as all of her siblings were alive and were reported to be in good health. Your birth mother stated that her father lived in a small town outside of the Jacksonville area and he was employed raising stock. Your birth mother and her family were of the Baptist faith. Your birth mother stated that she left school in the tenth grade to get married in the Summer of 1945. Your birth mother and her husband had no children born to their marriage, and your birth mother reported that you were the first child born to her.

Your birth mother was described as being five feet, two inches tall and weighing 102 pounds. She was a very pretty girl with bluish-grey eyes, brown hair and a clear fair complexion.

Your birth mother stated to the caseworker that she had separated from her husband in 1948. She stated that marriage to him was impossible as he was a very jealous man and would not let her out of his sight. Your birth mother reported that she had seen her husband approximately two years before your birth and as far as she knew he was continuing to live in a rural community near Jacksonville.

Your birth mother reported that no one in her family knew of her pregnancy and that she did not ever wish for them to know. Your birth mother stated that she had remained in Jacksonville, and had secluded herself with friends until after your birth.

Your birth mother reported that her health was good and always had been. Your birth mother stated that to the best of her knowledge, there was no history of any physical handicap, mental illness or transmittable disease in her family background. The caseworker however noticed that there was a slight speech disorder when speaking with your birth mother. Your birth mother stated that she was inclined to stutter, but found that she could overcome the stuttering if she stopped and formed her words before speaking. It was noted in the record that this seemed to be more of a hesitancy in speaking rather than impediment.

Your birth mother was unwilling to name your natural father in the case record. She stated that she had dated him for several months before her pregnancy occurred, having met him at her place of employment. Your birth mother stated that she was a waitress in a bar in the area. Your birth mother related to the case worker that she had ended her relationship with your natural father. He did not know of the pregnancy, of your birth or that you had been placed for adoption.

Your birth mother stated that your natural father had first told her that he was unmarried. However, after the pregnancy occurred, your birth mother found out that your natural father was in fact married, and was the father of two children. The sex and ages of the children was not given in the record.

Your birth mother stated to the caseworker that she thought that your natural father was a "pretty nice fellow" though she felt that he drank too much. Your birth mother stated that your natural father was six feet tall and weighed 200 pounds. She stated that he appeared to be in good health. Your birth mother did not know his educational or family background.

In discussing the plans she made for your adoption, your birth mother stated that she had told several of her girlfriends about her situation once she realized that she was pregnant with you. Your birth mother stated that it was during this time that she saw an advertisement in the local paper regarding persons who wanted to adopt and also release a child for adoption. Your birth mother called the phone number and was eventually put in touch with the Adoption Broker. Your birth mother stated that after she talked with this woman she felt that she would be doing the best thing for both of you. Your birth mother stated that the woman told her that your adoptive parents would pay her doctor bills and her bill for the hospital.

Your birth mother stated that she stayed with her friends throughout the pregnancy had only contacted this Mrs. Fielding when she went into labor. Your birth mother stated that Mrs. Fielding has advised her not to see you after birth as this would be easier on her later on. Your birth mother stated that this had not been the case and she had continuously worried how you were getting along. The caseworker was able to assure your birth mother that you had been placed in a good home and that you seemed to be progressing well.

Your birth mother explained that she had wanted to register your birth in either her married name or in her maiden name. However she stated that Mrs. Fielding would not allow this and thus your birth was registered in a purely fictitious name. As far as I can determine, though the matter was cleared up for the court, there was never any effort to correct your original birth certificate to show the correct information. The Adoption Broker told your birth mother that by continuing this ruse no one would ever know she had given birth to you or had placed you for adoption.

Your birth mother reportedly was quite upset with this woman and felt that at the very least she had taken advantage of. Your birth mother felt that this woman had also taken advantage of your adoptive parents, as she was sure that this woman had not spent all of the money they gave her for the hospital and doctor bills.

Your birth mother then stated to the caseworker that she felt that she could probably care for you on her salary. However she stated that since you had been with your adoptive for so long that she was sure that they loved you very much. In addition your birth mother stated that she sure that they could provide you with advantages that she never could. Your birth mother affirmed that at the end of the interview that she was in agreement wit the adoption plan and that she wished for the adoption to proceed. Your birth mother was advised at this time that the caseworker would have to try to make contact with her husband to determine if there had ever been a divorce. Your birth mother was told if there were no divorce, then her husband would also have to sign the Consent for your adoption.

According to the information in the case record the worker was able to eventually locate your birth mother's husband though he had moved out of the Jacksonville area. When contacted, this man affirmed that he had been married to your birth mother, but thought that she had secured a divorced from him when he went into the service. He claimed that this is what your birth mother told him when he returned. He further stated that based on this information from your birth mother, he had gotten involved in another relationship and had remarried.

Your birth mother's husband was most co-operative and agreed to sign the Consent. However he was also most concerned that his second wife not find out about his previous relationship with your birth mother or that there was a child involved even though it had been determined that you were not his child. He was advised that his marriage was not legal and that he should secure his divorce and remarry. Your legal father admitted that this was probably the best course of action and advised the worker that he would take whatever steps necessary to straighten his situation out.

Your adoption by Mr. And Mrs. Chalek was finalized in the Circuit Court of Alachua County on May 5, 1953. The case number is 6815-C.

This is all of the non-identifying information about your birth family that is contained in the closed adoption record. I hope that it is helpful to you in understanding the circumstances of your adoption.

In this letter I am enclosing an application for the Florida Reunion Registry and the International Soundex Reunion Registry. If you have any questions, please fell free to call ma at (850) 488-8000, extension 103.

I would like to apologize for the delay in processing your request. If you need any further assistance from this office, please feel free to call me.



Josette P. Marquess, MSW
Director, Florida Adoption
Reunion Registry
Children and Family Services