Thinking about Adoption? We strongly encourage you to review the sites and books below to get a better picture of the different ways that adoption can impact everyone involved.

Links to Great Sites and Other Adoption Resources

For Adoptees and their Families

SitesAdoption Resources Page at Adoption Fraud Website

The top site for information on the background of US adoption law and the fight to secure equal rights for adoptees:    Bastard Nation

Other good websites include:

Adoptee Rights Coalition

Adoption Voices Magazine

A Girl Like Her

This site is the home of a deeply personal and emotional documentary on the unmarried girls and women who became pregnant during the Baby Scoop Era.  The documentary and the associated book (The Girls Who Went Away)  give a valuable glimpse into the origins of the current adoption situation in many developed nations.



Adoption Healing…a path to recovery by Joe Soll

This one is by a friend of mine and someone with extensive experience in helping others process through the negative emotions and trauma of adoption

The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child by Nancy Verrier

I read this many, many years ago and I still view it as one of the most insightful works on the subject. A highly recommended read if you can find it.

The Girls Who Went Away by Ann Fessler

This is the book that accompanies the website and documentary listed above.




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