Adoptee Rights

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A Legislative Mess

Adoptees Are Not Second-Class Citizens

Adoption Rights AdvocateMillions of adults in the US, Canada, Australia and other nations are barred, by their own governments, from accessing legal documentation regarding their births and their own personal genetic information.

Their profiles on sites like and their branches on the family tree, genetically speaking, are a dead end; a question mark that will never receive an answer. It is a dead end not only for them, but for their children and grandchildren as well.

The drive to know who we are and where we come from is an innate need and an inalienable right. But in the last few hundred years the hallowed institution of “adoptive” parenting has been twisted into a fear-mongering machine that traps every member of the adoption triad:

  • the relinquishing birth parents* who will never know the fate of the child they created and loved and will worry and think about forever (regardless of what the social workers and counselors may have told them)
  • the adoptive parents who were duped into believing that secrecy, lies and misinformation were in the best interests of creating a new “nuclear” family
  • and finally the individuals who were supposed to benefit most from the arrangement-the adoptees-who will be forever punished should they hope to discover the deeply buried truth of their biological histories.

How do we fix this? Are the reasons for closed adoptions still valid in modern society? Were they ever? Does learning the names of your ancestors mean that you will no longer love and belong to the adoptive family that raised you?

Come along with us as we answer these questions and attempt to change the future of adoptive practices in America. Adoption reform is a large and growing movement, and Mike has the unique position of being someone who challenged the establishment and WON!

*Please see our page on “Adoption Language” for information on the adoption terminology referenced on this site


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